Local Area and Population

The Royal Docks benefits from existing and emerging planning policy that actively promotes sustainable regeneration and private sector investment. Both the London Plan and Newham’s Core Strategy identify it as one of London’s most important strategic opportunity areas. The arrival of Crossrail in 2018 will also unlock huge potential for housing, jobs and economic growth.

The aim is to encourage and support the creation of high-quality high-density mixed-use neighbourhoods that: encompass and enrich Newham’s existing communities; offer a full range of social and community facilities; establish the Royal Docks as a vibrant destination for business, tourism and leisure and finally, respect and improve the area’s unique industrial heritage, natural habitats and extensive waterfront.

The people who live in and around the Royal Docks are some of the youngest, most vibrant and dynamic in London. Newham has the country’s highest birth rate while over 80 languages are spoken by communities living close to the Royal Docks. To the north lie Beckton and Canning Town / Custom House neighbourhoods, with Greenwich and Woolwich neigbourhoods south of the River Thames.

For an area of roughly 500 hectares, the Royal Docks has a relatively small resident population of around 11,000 people. An important aim for the regeneration of the Royal Docks is to maximise local participation and engagement in the areas transformation. 


Local Businesses

There are lots of local businesses in the Royal Docks, from our own international airport to an award-winning community food enterprise. There’s no easy way to find out about them yet, but there will be from Autumn 2018. That’s when we’re launching a new local business directory on royaldocks.london. To make sure you’re in it please contact Robert.baffour-awuah@london.gov.uk