What do we know about environmental pollution around the Royal Docks?


What do we know about environmental pollution around the Royal Docks?

D-NOSES is an EU funded project which seeks to tackle the largely neglected issue of odour pollution, changing the traditional top-down approach for a bottom-up one.

Join to discover how to monitor odour and air pollution and share ideas on how to tackle these.

Project partners in the UK, Europe, Chile and Uganda are working with over 10 affected communities to co-design citizen science projects to collect evidence on odour impact and address the issues. These will form the case studies to refine the approach and become a source from which other communities can learn. In tandem, we will work with regulators, policy makers, odour emitting industries and non governmental and civil society organisations to share recommendations and best practice.

The project will introduce new mapping, data collection and community engagement tools to facilitate citizen science. Data will be collected in The International Odour Observatory, a platform dedicated to informing and sharing all aspects of odour pollution.

Everyone welcome - Refreshments provided

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Wednesday 5 February
18:00 - 20:00


Beckton Globe Library (Rotunda room)



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