Scene of Royal Victoria Dock from the south, with water, houses and ExCeL centre

Our boards

The three boards below oversee the work that our team is doing. Stay up to date with the Royal Docks' progress by reading the latest meeting minutes.

The London Economic Action Partnership (LEAP) works with entrepreneurs, business, the Mayor of London, and London councils to boost jobs and economic growth across the capital. LEAP ensures scrutiny and transparency by providing strategic oversight for the Royal Docks Enterprise Zone. This oversight is devolved to two boards:

Enterprise Zone board

The Royal Docks Enterprise Zone Programme Board oversees the progress of our delivery plan and reports on this to LEAP, chaired by the Mayor of Newham. Minutes of board meetings are available here.

Advisory board

The Royal Docks Advisory Board is a forum where the Greater London Authority (GLA) and the London Borough of Newham engage and update key partners on what the Royal Docks team are doing within the Enterprise Zone. This board is jointly chaired by the Deputy Mayor for Housing and Land, the GLA, and the Mayor of Newham. Minutes of these board meetings can be found here.

Officers board

In addition, GLA and London Borough of Newham update each other about activity within the Enterprise Zone at the Royal Docks Officers Group.

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