The Atlantic Pacific Team in the Royal Docks

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Atlantic Pacific partnered up with London Design and Engineering UTC in Newham and the Royal Docks

Last week, Atlantic Pacific partnered up with London Design and Engineering UTC in Newham and the Royal Docks to bring a taster session on search and rescue as well as lifesaving skills to local young people living in Newham. During the week, 18 young people and students from the local area were introduced to and taught many important aspects of Atlantic Pacific's work.

"It was really fun, we learned so many new skills and they aren't skills you can only use on the water, you can use them in everyday life too." said one of the participants afterwards.

Over the past week, students learnt how to operate a Rigid-hulled Inflatable Boat in very windy conditions across the Royal Docks with a basic introduction to search and rescue boat skills. The Atlantic Pacific medical team taught the students the casualty care check card systems and how to respond to someone in a medical emergency. Students also experienced an introduction into psychological first aid and had discussions around some of the pressing issues of our time including climate change, ocean pollution, global drowning alongside disaster response, with a focus on Japan's 2011 Tsunami. All of the students had a great time and learnt a lot, one saying that Atlantic Pacific instructors "made the hardest stuff look so much easier than they are and it was so much easier to understand."

Atlantic Pacific hope to have given these young people an opportunity they could not have had previously and encourage them to think about training in one or more of these core skills. Some are even considering joining them now:" I'm definitely joining after I graduate from UTC and I would advise other people to come here and see what they can do." Atlantic Pacific plan to open a new training facility in the Royal Docks to enable more young people to learn these core skills and offer an opportunity for career paths into emergency response. A UTC student loves the idea: "In an area like this there is a lack of opportunity. The Atlantic Pacific building would allow such an opportunity for a new demographic."

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