Watch: New dance film from Luca Silvestrini's Protein

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Watch: New dance film from Luca Silvestrini's Protein

Award-winning dance theatre company Luca Silvestrini’s Protein worked with a group of 11 – 16-year-old pupils from New Directions School to create a new dance film.

“I have learnt teamwork. Working with others, trying out new things. Meeting new people and some good exercises that is really good for the body and mental health. I also learnt to respect others and their opinions. Also, the biggest thing I’ve learnt is to not listen to other people’s opinions and just be yourself.”
Year 10 student

One of the most distinctive voices in British dance theatre, Artistic Director Luca Silvestrini has been using a blend of original choreography, text, music and social commentary to engage and entertain audiences and participants for over two decades.

“An incredible opportunity for young people, It was a chance for them to prove how important they are within the community and allowed them to use their good qualities (respect, teamwork, patience) for a positive reason. It allowed them to realise how their amazing qualities go a long way.”
Staff member

The final performance is now available to watch and we hope you enjoy it.

A film by Luca Silvestrini's Protein

Created with and performed by students from New Directions School:
Mohammed Ali
Yasin Islam
Brenton Moore
Precious Whittingham-Gordon
Janaina Duarte-Lloyd

And Protein's Dance Artist:
Nathan Bartman
Miranda Mac Letten
Rachele Rapisardi

Directed by Luca Silvestrini
In collaboration with filmmaker Alice Underwood
Original music by Andy Pink
Costumes by Miranda Mac Letten and Michael Johnson