Groundwork London and the Royal Docks Team are supporting Newham residents

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Groundwork London and the Royal Docks Team are supporting Newham residents

To create a greener future and reduce our carbon footprint, thousands of new green jobs need to be created across multiple sectors. Green jobs that have a direct, positive impact on the planet and form part of the low carbon economy of the future.

Groundwork London is supporting Newham residents to move closer to, & into, the labour market. The Work4All project aims to enable participants to progress into Good Jobs, with a specific focus on green jobs across the Royal Docks and Newham.

Funded by ESF & the Royal Docks, Groundwork London is supporting residents to re-engage with work experience, training or employment, providing personalised support to help people progress towards a job that works for them.

Employers play a key role in the Work4All project. Participants need opportunities to understand more about local businesses and career options. They need the chance to update their experience and increase their confidence. And they need access to local jobs with good employers that are open to alternative recruitment methods to get good people.

Work4All can support employers to fill vacancies locally but this is just the start! To create a pipeline of future employees, people need to know about your business, career options and opportunities in your industry. Work4All provides a free recruitment service to support employers with all of this and get more people into good jobs.

The project operates in three stages, Mapping, Journey and Destination. First, Mapping aims to raise awareness. This stage involves connecting employers and employees with their community and identifying potential roles/careers. Second, Journey aims to upskill candidates, for example, through work placements. Third, the Destination is the commencement of work. In this stage, employers can utilise the alternative recruitment methods that Work4All provides to find good quality employees.

Contact us if you are recruiting and can help with creating a pipeline of future employees.

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