A man looking out into the Royal Docks water

The emergence of a world-leading waterfront for London

The Royal Docks comprises three docks: Royal Victoria, Royal Albert, and King George V. Built in London between 1855 and 1921, they were the last group of docks to be completed in London, and also the last to cease operation in 1981.

Collectively, the Royal Docks once formed the largest enclosed docks in the world, with a water area of nearly 250 acres and an estate of 1100 acres.

Our water remains one of the area’s most enduring assets, creating a spectacular backdrop for new commercial and residential developments, and providing an active space for a range of events and activities. Beginning in 2019, millions of pounds are being invested in the waterfront: creating better access, opening up opportunities for unique walking and cycling experiences, and ensuring that the water remains the heart of the local area.

Visit the What’s here page to see the wide range of watersports and leisure activities on offer, or contact our team about holding events on or around our unique water.

This historic asset is part of a rich urban heritage that will be enhanced through the area's transformation.

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