Good Hotel Events this November


Good Hotel Events this November

Bollywood Kids Dance Class with Pooja
Mondays | 17:00-18:00, Blue Room, £7 walk-in or 4 classes for £30

An exciting way for kids aged 3-12 years to keep fit and get energised. Join Pooja for fun, easy, high energy dance hits from Indian cinema. To register or to find out more call or drop a note to 07459 355187

Indian Martial Arts (Kalaripayattu) by Pratap Menon
Tuesdays | 18.30-19.30, Green Room £10 walk-in or £36 for 4 sessions

Discover your inner warrior through a 3,000 year-old martial arts form from the South Indian state of Kerala, believed to be the mother of kung-fu, karate, and ju-jitsu. Sessions promote increased vitality, balance of mind-body-spirit, strength, flexibility, coordination and confidence. Book your place through email: or text 077947 93907

Mums and Babies Postnatal Workout by Move & Gospel
Wednesdays | 10:30-11:15, Green Room | £8 walk-in 60 minutes

Move + Gospel runs pop-up fitness classes in London! Expect a highenergy workout and an uplifting soundtrack to help you kickstart your fitness journey! Claim your free trial via Eventbrite. Book ahead on our website: or email to find out more:

Thursdays & Fridays | 17:00-18:00, Pink Room £15 a session or 4 classes £50

Mathodologies, the transformative Maths tuition program designed for students in KS2, SATS and 11+ foundation levels. The class is well-equipped to guide each student on their Mathematical journey. The focus is to engage introductions to specific Maths topics, complemented by invaluable tips and tricks that empower students to excel effortlessly and foster independent growth. Through exhilarating speed-maths sessions, the aim is to sharpen their mental agility and instil the confidence to face any challenge. Join Mathodologies now and witness your child’s mathematical potential unfold under true dedicated guidance. Book ahead: Nisha 07448536637, Instagram @mathodologies or email

Zumba Fitness by Swati Kaushal
Sundays 18:30-19:30 | Wednesdays 19:00 - 20:00 | Green Room £8 walk-in or 4 classes for £30

Join the ultimate dance fitness party with local Licensed Zumba Instructor Swati Kaushal. The Zumba work-out combines Latin and international music with dance moves. Zumba routines incorporate interval training to help improve overall fitness. Book ahead by reaching out via Instagram @zin_swati_kaushal or call 07306 025904 / 0746655101

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November 2023


Royal Victoria Dock, Western Gateway, London E16 1FA

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The Quad Club & Spa

This spa, swimming pool and gym in the Crown Plaza Hotel offers calming treatments and classes.

Royal Victoria Dock
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City Hall

One of the world's most sustainable buildings is also a striking landmark.

Royal Victoria Dock
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Expressway London

Expressway is a community of almost 200 thriving businesses facing onto Royal Victoria Dock. Recognised as a place where creative enterprises, SMEs and start ups can flourish, no two of their businesses are alike but all are like minded.

Royal Victoria Dock
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