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Unfamiliar to Us

Following the lockdown coming into effect in England on 5 November, we have reviewed the 'Unfamiliar to Us' which was due to take place from the 14 November to 5 December at the Silver Building, and have decided to reschedule this event. New dates will be announced shortly.

You won’t want to miss the screening of Unfamiliar to Us, a new and immersive video installation by visual artist Yorgos Petrou and performance artist Victor Esses in partnership with Queer Newham, which focuses around the making of a queer family.

This is a frank, autobiographical and experimental film based on life partners exploring their experiences of deciding to have a baby together. Footage will be shot in the artists’ own home using different camera perspectives to capture the couple’s performance.

Drawing upon conversations and interviews with queer parents, surrogates and adult children of unconventional families, as well as exploring themes of visibility and survival, the artists confess and confront their fears and hopes using movement to express their feelings and text to map out their history together.

Due to the current restrictions, this project has been postponed. More details coming soon, please check back here, follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or register for our newsletter to find out more.

Further information on the latest government guidelines can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/new-national-restrictions-from-5-november

For further information on ‘what you need to know’ the Mayor of London has published information on the London.gov website which can be found here: https://www.london.gov.uk/coronavirus/coronavirus-what-you-need-know

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