Royal Albert Dock footpath re-opens

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Royal Albert Dock footpath re-opens

The route along the northern edge of Royal Albert Dock is now open again during daylight hours. The path alongside RAD, between Building 1000 and London Design and Engineering UTC, is accessible from 7am til 7pm every day.

We are carrying out further works in July to replace the railings along the dock edge and improve the pavement surface. Occasionally, these will mean the path needs to be closed again, so drop us an email to check for information.

These improvements are the beginning of our programme to transform the public realm around the dock edge and create a complete walking and cycling network through the Royal Docks. We’ll be consulting shortly on what new public spaces in the area should look like and be used for, so watch this space and, meanwhile, download our What we’re doing guide to find out more.

Tranquil waterside walks with not a car in sight are one of the things that make the Royal Docks special. To enjoy a stroll along this part of Royal Albert Dock during June with an expert guide, be sure to pick up this illustrated map by architect and local artist Anna Gibbs.

Created for this month’s London Festival of Architecture, the fold-out leaflet and Anna’s accompanying Instagram feed are packed with a wealth of historical detail. Did you know, for example, that elephants were once shipped through the docks on the way to London Zoo? The leisurely three-mile walk makes for an ideal taster of dock history and future, but Anna’s research will also hold some surprises for those who are already familiar with the area. Pick up a map from the Good Hotel or RAW Labs.


The Royal Docks is hosting the London Festival of Architecture throughout June with an astonishing 40-something events taking place here. Here are our top picks.